What Color Glass Looks Best in Fire Pit: A Look Into Fire Glass Crystals

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The look of the device matters as much as its function. Burning or not, your fire pit has to look great.

It should be easy enough to figure out if the item looks great when it’s not burning, but how about when it is?

The answer comes down to more than just the fire pit’s overall finish; it also has to do with the different styles of fire glass you use with your pit.

In particular, you should know what color glass looks best in fire pit so that you can take your device’s look and function to the next level.

What Are Fire Glass Pebbles?

When choosing a fire pit, we don’t merely look at the device’s function.

Sure, it may be able to keep us warm and comfortable when sitting outside during a particularly chilly night.

The question is, does it look gorgeous during the day? Is it a piece that will have guests taking a second look?

Whether you own a cast iron, glass, or stainless-steel fire pit, there are glass crystals out there that are best suited to it.

Fire glass pebbles are bits of tempered glass placed in fire pits and fireplaces. They are used in place of dated ceramic logs to provide a more unique, eye-catching look.

The combination of fire and fire glass creates a sort-of fire and ice combo that’s hard to ignore.

It’s why homeowners have quickly taken to these gorgeous items that can upgrade both their indoor and outdoor setups.

Fire Glass Crystals vs. Ceramic Logs

It’s not unusual for people to incorporate fire glass crystals into their fire pits and fireplaces.

Homeowners, restaurant owners, and hotel owners use them because they are affordable and low maintenance.

They aren’t just about looks but also about function. Before them, there were ceramic logs.

However, these logs became disruptive to the ambiance; their fakeness was simply too obvious.

Furthermore, they contributed to the exposure of propane lines or natural gas, which blocked the flames’ natural movements.

Fire glass pebbles, on the other hand, enhanced the flames’ dancing movements.

Fire glass crystals are translucent and produce a glittery and shimmery look under the night sky.

When flames rise up around these crystals, it creates an illusion of these gorgeous pebbles on fire.

This aesthetically appealing event is what has led to these stones’ steady rise in popularity.

How Do Fire Glass Crystals Work?

So, how do fire glass pebbles work? These crystals undergo a special treatment that allows them to come into direct contact with scorching hot flames without melting.

They are basically tempered glass, the safety glass used in shower enclosures, computer screens, and windows.

The difference is that they are colored and more reflective to create a beautiful reaction when placed in fireplaces and fire pits.

They are also mostly small, stone-like, and polished so as not to be pointed or dangerous.

Fire glass pebbles are made of recycled glass, which is even more reason to acquire them.

Since they are tempered, they will not explode when placed in the fire, and they also won’t even melt.

They are perfectly safe to use and do not release any sort of toxic byproducts when they come in contact with fire.

These items come in the shape of small crystals or pebbles, a design meant to give them the look of diamonds.

Enveloped in fire, they look even more magnificent than real diamonds, that’s for sure.

learn what color glass looks best in fire pit

What Color Glass Looks Best in Fire Pit?

A lot of what people love about fire pits has to do with the colors they produce. Yes, that has to do with the flames, but not the flames alone.

The efficacy of a particular device’s fire features also depends on the kind of glass being used.

Certain types of glass may work for some fire pits but not for others.

It’s important to choose suitable glass that hits that perfect balance between complementary and dominant colors.

The goal is for the compliment to touch only the eye-focal points and not overpower the design.

Imagine an all-white setting; you want to introduce contrasting colors into this space that brings focus to the whiteness and not shades that will dominate it completely.

Opting more for complex color schemes may complicate the design. Instead, you want to keep things clean and simple, like what most design experts are following.

You can work with what you already have. Just look at the colors used in your home: the paint on the walls, the frames, the decorations, and the stones in your fireplace.

All of these factor into choosing the fire glass pebbles that meet your needs.

What Do the Different Colors Mean?

So, what color glass looks best in fire pit? Fire glass crystals are available in a wide range of colors, such as:

  • Gold
  • Black
  • Ice Clear
  • Turquoise
  • Chestnut
  • Aqua
  • Bahama Blend
  • Red
  • Sky Blue
  • Cobalt Blue
  • Copper Bronze
  • Tahitian Teal
  • Crystal

Orange, yellow, and red are known as “passionate” colors or colors that create a warm feeling.

On the other hand, purple and blue are the “icy” colors or colors that introduce a cool feeling.

The neutral shades like gray, black, and white have no true identity unless you combine them with another tone.

A lot of this has to do with your perspective, so choose what’s most pleasing to you.

As much as possible, avoid color combinations that create overstimulation since that would be the last thing to help you relax.

Where Can You Get Fire Glass Pebbles?

Searching for high-quality fire glass crystals? There are quite a few places to acquire them.

In this section, we’ll go over the top places online to purchase fire glass pebbles. Expect Grade-A products from these sites.

It can be easy for first-time buyers to fall victim to cheap and weak pebbles that easily splinter and crack.

Fortunately, you won’t have to worry about these things happening to stones bought from these websites.


Of course, you knew this was coming. You can buy literally everything at Amazon, and fire glass crystals are no exception.

Amazon has them in a wide range of colors.

They have an amazing selection of top-notch merchandise at different price points, depending on the brand. You can get them at low prices, too!

What’s great about Amazon eCommerce is that it delivers a combination of a startup’s small structure and nimble nature with the largest global retailer’s resources.

This way, you can acquire anything and everything you want easily.

Retailers of Fire Glass Crystals

A local retailer can also be a good option when you know where to look.

There are a ton of great local retailers to choose from when you know how to use Google (which is a given, in most cases).

When doing an online search, all you would need to do is enter your zip code or address to find the fire glass pebbles stores nearest you.

Of course, it would be a lot easier to order online, as stores like Amazon, Houzz, and Lowes are likely to have everything you need.


Lowes is a lot like Amazon, except it focuses more on home improvement items than anything else. Still, you get a selection as wide as Amazon’s in this online store.

Lowes’ fire glass pebbles are available in a vast assortment of colors and designs.

Plus, shopping at Lowes means you won’t have to worry about exposing yourself to the chill of the outside environment.

You can do the buying from the comforts of home. Just power your laptop on, head to the Lowes website, and pick your choice of fire glass crystals.

Apart from these products, the shopping site also offers gift cards, Christmas decors, flooring, electrical appliances, heating and cooling devices, cooking products, and much more.

Reflective Fire Glass Crystals

As mentioned, fire glass crystals come in different types, colors, and sizes.

Reflective fire glass crystals, in particular, offer exceptional decorative flair. It’s a type of fire glass pebble that can truly make your fire pit or fireplace setup stand out.

Like regular fire glass pebbles, these crystals are also tempered glass processed through a container that keeps them from forming sharp edges.

They neither degrade, melt, nor give off toxic fumes and will last literally until the end of days.

Some, but not all, are made up of recycled glass from furnace cleanouts, glass bottles, and window scraps.

When surrounded by flames, you will find that these types of glass fire crystals shine brighter than other varieties.

Level Up Your Fire Pit With Fire Glass Crystals

Fire glass crystals have the ability to take your fireplace or fire pit setting to the next level.

However, that doesn’t mean you can choose your pebbles at random.

Not all varieties are capable of creating the beautiful display of style and design you are looking for. You must do ample research to pick out the right ones.

Once you do, you’ll know that these products will make the perfect addition to your outdoor and indoor settings.

They add excellent decorative flair to homes, hotels, restaurants, and other establishments when chosen in the right colors.

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