Solo Stove Bonfire Review

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Solo Stove Bonfire Review

Quick Overview



  • The pit works efficiently, producing a bright smokeless flame
  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • Requires no set up since it’s a single-construction product
  • Light in weight and can be used away from home
  • The package comes with a bag that makes its portability easier


  • The stainless steel material is prone to rust
  • The walls can become blazing hot, posing a danger to users

You’ll come across a truckload of fire pits when searching for the best fireplace, but none beats the Solo Stove Bonfire. It performs far beyond the efficiency levels you’d expect from a natural wood-burning fire bowl.

Learn more in this Solo Stove Bonfire review.

Solo Stove Bonfire Review


The Solo Stove Bonfire is a pricy pit but worth every penny. It produces a hot but smokeless fire without flying sparks. The well-engineered airflow ensures clean and cool air gets into the stove and is channeled in the right direction.

Some air gets warmed up between the double-wall steel before it finds its way to the top of the flames. Other air flows right up to the fire and fuel to keep it well lit. As the air flows through the flames, it causes secondary combustion for a clean flame.

Who is This Fire Pit Meant for?

Do you love camping or hosting parties while toasting marshmallows in your backyard? The Solo Stove fire pit will come in handy. It’s quite easy to use and set up and can function for more than just keeping your guests warm.

The stove is popular for its efficiency in producing a bright and clean flame. With it, you won’t have to keep dodging smoke from the fire. It’s available in three different sizes, which you can choose depending on your needs and preferences.

Unboxing the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

The bonfire comes as an open-ended stainless steel pit with hollow walls. The bottom has a double surface that enhances its conductivity and performance. It weighs 20 pounds when empty, is 19 inches tall, and 19.5 inches wide.

The dimensions make this a large enough fire pit where half a dozen friends can sit around to enjoy the fire. Due to the high heat levels, you may want to sit slightly further than you would in an ordinary campfire.

The package contains a durable bag with handles which you can use to transport your stove. This makes it easier to move around since the stove lacks handles. The package also helps to eliminate the smell when you pack the stove in your car.

Overview of Features

Apart from the shiny stainless steel material that makes the fire pit, you’ll also like several other qualities. First, you’ll love the fact that it requires no gas or propane to make it function. This saves you from the hefty cost of refilling your gas tank.

The double-wall design improves the efficiency of the fire pit by maximizing airflow. It features holes at the bottom, which allow oxygen to feed the fire from below.

This facilitates the channeling of warm oxygen up between the stove’s walls. You’ll enjoy using this fire pit as its singular construction eliminates the need for the assembly of parts.

How to Use Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit

The Solo Stove Bonfire is a durable kit and will serve you well if you don’t abuse it. Although not as heavy-duty as some of its counterparts on the market, it’s a product worth its cost. Just be careful not to stack massive logs into the stove.

For the highest level of efficiency, only burn dry wood in the pit. Maple, birch, hickory, and oak are some excellent wood fuel choices.

The steel walls can get extremely hot, and you should, therefore, avoid touching it while it’s in use. Let it cool down completely before you remove the ash and any remaining wood pieces.


Safety is paramount when you are working with fire. With that in mind, we decided to look at the Solo Stove Bonfire Shield. It would be an understatement to say we were very impressed. You can count on this accessory to be made of the same high-quality material you have come to expect from this reputable company.

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An additional safety measure can be used by purchasing the Solo Stove Bonfire Stand. This allows you to use your Solo Stove Bonfire on a wooden deck or stone patio without worrying about damage to those surfaces. Once again, this product is made from the same high-quality material you have come to expect from this reputable company.

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The Solo Stove fire pit comes with a cost disadvantage for being a little expensive. For this reason, you might want to seek an alternative fire kit. The Solo Stone Titan Fire Pit is an equally excellent choice.

Although smaller, it can conveniently serve two to four people. It assumes a cylindrical design with a unique double wall. The model helps in creating ultra-clean gasification and secondary combustion.

This means that you get a smokeless flame. The Titan is portable and can withstand weather elements better than the Bonfire model.

Looking for a more traditional fire pit? Check out our Best Fire Pits of 2020 review here.


The Solo Stove Bonfire is a unique creation. The container-like design is one you may not come across easily. Its design helps in ensuring the fire has enough air circulation and undergoes complete combustion.

This way, it delivers a smokeless fire, which is better for your health. Despite its many advantages, the kit is expensive and lacks some essential features. It doesn’t have a handle, and a lid is also lacking.

The stainless steel is also prone to rust as it lacks a durable type of finishing. Overall, it does an excellent job of keeping you warm and toasting your marshmallows, and we hope this Solo Stove Bonfire review guides your decision.

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