Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit Review

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  • The fire pit is made from sturdy steel
  • The moon and stars design cutouts make the fire pit very appealing
  • Comes with a cooking grate where you can grill your food
  • Has a safety ring around it to hold the legs in position and also serve as a handle
  • It’s a large 23.5” inch product that provides enough warmth for everyone around it


  • The paint is not well done and flakes off after a few uses, exposing the steel to rust
  • The legs are flimsy so the fire pit may topple over when in use

You’ll like the Landmann Big Sky fire pit for its appealing design and outstanding performance. All around the fire chamber walls are stars and moon cutouts that give you a better view of the fire. Sitting around the fire pit on a chilly night will feel like stargazing on a sky-clear night.

In this Landmann Big Sky fire pit review, we’ll help you learn more about the pit.

Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit Review

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The Landmann Big Sky fire pit is a reliable product and an excellent addition to your backyard or patio. It has a stunning design and comes with near-perfect features. Once you start using the pit, you’ll be amazed at its performance.

It can withstand high winds since the pit is deep enough to shield the fire. It also won’t blow sparks and embers around. You can use the mesh lid to shield the flame from blowing out of control.

If you use dry wood, trust the pit to produce a hot and smokeless flame. It’ll also leave little to no residual ash and cleaning it won’t be a messy affair.

Who is This Fire Pit Meant For?

Anyone who wants to pass the evening while sitting beside a fire pit should try this model. It’s also for people who wish to host a party and grill some barbeque while at it. Its portability makes it ideal for outdoor camping adventures as well.

Unboxing the Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit

The Landmann fire pit has a steel body put together with extremely robust hardware. It comes coated in a heat-resistant black finish, which serves to prevent rusting. A view from the sides of the pits reveal some gorgeous wildlife cuts.

They are covered with durable steel mesh that allows for enhanced airflow. The mesh extends beyond the cutouts for full coverage and increased durability. The screen is securely welded to the fire bowl.

Overview of Features

The build of the Landmann Fire Pit comprises three table legs made from robust steel pipe. They provide an excellent base whether you use it on concrete, grass, or gravel. Their height is enough to elevate the pit from the ground and allow for fresh air to pass below the fire bowl.


The design of this pit comes with extra elements. The animal cutouts seem to flicker and move in the firelight. This projects the dancing light all over the place.


Its size is large enough to host eight or more people around it. However, avoid sitting too close since the flames can become quite huge.


For protection against the blazing flames, the spark screen will come in hand. It works perfectly to prevent embers from flying around and landing on your deck or grass.

How to Use Landmann Big Sky Fire Pit

This is one of the most comfortable fire pits to use. It comes with the advantage of being used in patio awnings, gazebos, or open backyards. Setting it up takes about 15 to 20 minutes, and the box contains everything you’ll need for the process.

Before lighting the fire, consider putting a 3-4″ layer of sand in the bottom of the pit. This will give the fire pit more stability while stopping it from becoming too hot. The metal will be protected from the high heat, and this will prolong its lifespan.

As you assemble the fire pit, consider applying a coat of enamel spray. This is to prevent the metal from rusting, especially when exposed to humid conditions.


You may not like the idea of putting sand in the pit to control the heat levels. To avoid this hustle, you may want to find an alternative. Consider the Landmann USA Bromley fire pit.

It provides better stability and is one of the best in its class. The pit also comes with a handy spark screen and fire poker, unlike its Big Sky counterpart.


In another post, we talked about what to do with the ashes from your fire pit. We hope you enjoyed those tips and tricks.

You will also want to protect your Landmann Big Sky fire pit from bad weather when it’s not in use. By keeping the rain out, you’ll extend the life of your pit for years to come. 


The Landmann Big Sky fire pit is ideal for home use and camping purposes. However, it could do better if it came with a cover to keep it from weather elements when not in use. If you want to use it on a wooden deck, ensure you get a deck protector to prevent a fire outbreak.

These are additions that do not come in the package and will cost you some extra cash. The issue of putting sand in the pit is also tasking. If you don’t mind doing this, the Landmann Big Sky is a fire pit that’ll serve you well for its value.

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