How Much Fire Pit Glass Do I Need?

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Liquefied petroleum gas is one of the most popular types of fuel for fire pits.

However, not many people understand just how important fire glass is to propane fire pits. In fact, some don’t even know how much they need.

This problem is pretty standard. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself, “How much fire pit glass do I need?” we’ve got the answer you’re looking for.

What’s Fire Glass For?

Without fire glass, your fire pit would look just like a regular stove.

Who would want a regular stove burning in their backyard? It will totally ruin the visual appeal of your outdoor living area.

To solve this, you need fire glass in your fire pit before covering the burner. The fire glass also helps distribute the gas more evenly.

It makes the flames look like they’re dancing on top of the glass, and people wouldn’t even know where the fire is coming from.

You can choose different colors, sizes, and shapes for the fire glass, further increasing the visual appeal of your fire pit.

Is Fire Glass Safe?

One common question people ask is whether or not using fire glass is safe. Considering how glass explodes in extreme heat, asking this question is just logical.

However, it’s important to note that fire glass is made of just glass. This means there are no plastics or chemical compounds that may melt or exude toxic fumes.

Moreover, this material is often made using tempered glass, so it’s built to withstand extremely high temperatures without melting, burning, or even discoloring.

The best part is that fire glass does not crackle or pop, which is quite common for traditional fire pits that burn wood.

You wouldn’t need a screen cover to prevent embers from escaping the fire pit because there are no embers in the first place.

That said, fire glass is one of the safest and lowest-maintenance media you can use for your fire pit.

how much fire pit glass do i need

How Much Fire Pit Glass Do I Need?

So, let’s answer your most pressing question, how much fire pit glass do you need? The amount of fire glass you use depends on your fire pit.

Obviously, bigger fire pits require more fire glass. So, if you haven’t bought the material yet, be sure to take this into consideration.

When putting fire glass into the fire pit, you don’t want to pour too much because doing so could smother the flames.

On the other hand, using too little will reduce the visual appeal of your fire pit.

The best way to go about it is to ensure that there are one or two inches of fire glass layer covering your fire pit’s burner, just enough to keep it out of sight.

Fire Glass Styles to Choose From

If you haven’t purchased fire glass for your fire pit yet, hold your horses!

You might want to know what your options are first so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Here are the most popular styles of fire glass and what they offer.

Tempered Fire Glass

Tempered fire glass is the most popular type of fire glass there is.

One side of this glass has a reflective finish, making your fire pit shine brighter as the flames reflect on its surface.

There’s also a wide variety of colors to choose from, and it’s a matter of personal preference which one you go for.

Fire Glass Diamonds

As the name suggests, fire glass diamonds are diamond-shaped glass pieces with rounded edges. They have a diameter of one inch, making them one of your larger options.

The most common color of fire glass diamonds is blue or sapphire.

The stark contrast between the blue diamonds and the red flames will significantly improve the overall aesthetic of your setup.

Fire Beads

Otherwise known as half-marbles, fire beads are also quite popular because of the luster they provide to your fire pits.

These are rounded and flattened glass pieces that are usually half an inch thick with a diameter of 1/2 to 3/4 inches that come in various colors.

Fire beads are also used for home décor and other crafts, which is why they also go by glass gems.

Crushed Fire Glass

If you want to add a little versatility to your fire pit, you should check out crushed fire glass.

Its shapes are very random and have sizes ranging from 1/2 to 3/4 inches.

Fire Glass 2.0

One of the most recent fire glass styles to come out is the fire glass 2.0, introduced to the propane fire pit community by American Fireglass.

Just the shape of this type of fire glass is calming already, and combining it with the elegant dance of the flames is just mesmerizing.

Fire glass 2.0 is a modern variation of fire glass, shaped in a flat cube with a shiny finish.

How Often Should You Replace Fire Glass?

Fire glass is significantly more expensive than firewood or any other type of fire pit fuel. If it burns as rapidly as firewood, you will break the bank in no time.

Thankfully, fire glass is extremely resistant to heat. Because of this, it can often stay in your fire pit anywhere between four to eight years.

There are factors that will contribute to the longevity of its lifespan. For instance, constant exposure to sunlight will diminish its quality quicker.

That’s why it is still important that you have a stainless-steel cover for your fire pit to protect the fire glass.

On the other hand, you can also try turning the fire glass over every year so that the pieces at the bottom will surface and bring a fresher vibe to your fire pit.

Does Fire Glass Give Off Heat?

Fire glass is not just for aesthetic purposes. In fact, it’s better at conducting heat than rocks because of its reflective surface.

If you use fire glass on your propane fire pit, you can expect it to amplify the heat up to four times.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that this is just because of the fire glass’s reflective nature.

Therefore, despite the heat amplification, wood-burning fire pits are still better at providing warmth because they burn the material efficiently.

Can I Use Regular Glass on My Fire Pit?

Never use regular glass for your fire pit under any circumstances.

Regular glass includes various chemicals and additives, so it pops and crackles when exposed to high heat.

The worst-case scenario is that it explodes and sends glass shards flying off in every direction.

Moreover, regular glass will produce extremely toxic fumes when burned because of its special coatings.

That said, make sure you only use glass made specifically for fire pits.

What Color of Fire Glass Should I Choose?

This is a matter of personal preference. Here are the most popular fire glass colors and the effects they provide.

Orange, Yellow, and Red

Orange, yellow, and red fire glass are believed to make you feel comfortable and cozy, perfect for late nights in your outdoor living area.

Blue, Green, and Purple

Blue, green, and purple fire glass are designed to make you feel calm and provide a sense of serenity.

Gold, Silver, Clear

Is your propane fire pit the centerpiece of your living room or any major part of your home? If so, you should try gold, silver, or clear fire glass.

These provide an elegant and luxurious atmosphere to the room.

Cover the Burner To At Least an Inch

Ever scratched your head asking, “How much fire pit glass do I need?”

Just estimate the total surface area of your fire pit and make sure have enough fire glass for a one- to two-inch thick layer covering the burner.

Be sure also to consider all the other factors such as size, shape, and color to guarantee you get the most out of your fire pit.

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