How Does a Smokeless Firepit Work?

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Smokeless fire pits are steadily becoming that perfect accessory for everyone’s outdoor space.

With the competition among manufacturers getting stiffer by the day, it was only a matter of time until there were so many quality models to choose from.

While it’s safe to say that that time has come, it does not prevent a buyer from asking, “How does a smokeless firepit work?”

On the surface, these devices let you enjoy toasty, comfortable warmth around the fire without having to deal with smoke.

No one has to suffer from choking on or getting campfire smoke in their eyes. That said, there’s still a lot to know about the smokeless fire pit.

Let’s have a look at what this device is, how it works, and other questions you might have about it and its use.

What’s a Smokeless Fire Pit?

A smokeless fire pit makes use of a clever dual-wall design and secondary combustion structure to emit searing high temperatures.

This combination allows it to get rid of the majority of fuel particles before they make their way into the clothes of anyone around the pit.

In particular, the double-wall is responsible for the higher-than-normal temperatures released by the device. By normal, we mean the temperatures ordinary fire pits give off.

It’s worth noting that no smokeless fire pit can ever be 100 percent smokeless, as smoke can never totally be eliminated.

That said, a quality pit should generate minimal smoke and, thus, be more convenient and user-friendly compared to its traditional counterparts.

A conventional fire pit often discharges a higher volume of smoke than is comfortable or convenient for the users.

This amount of smoke tends to cling to anything it comes in contact with, including clothing and pieces of furniture.

These pits come in different shapes and sizes, with the more popular ones having compact designs and good portability.

When it comes to these instruments, it is important to keep in mind that fuel choice also determines how much or how little smoke the fire pit discharges.

Do These Fire Pits Really Work?

Yes, they really do.

A high-temperature emission and well-designed combustion system ensures a high-efficiency smokeless fire pit that’s close to 100 percent smoke-free.

Pitted against the traditional firepits, the smokeless models produce more heat from the same fuel source.

Moreover, the dual-wall design takes their heat efficiency to the next level, resulting in the perfect source for toasty, comfortable warmth and heat for cooking in an open fire.

The fire produced by these machines may be wood-based; the pit’s innovative design and your choice in fuel make it as smokeless as possible.

There is very little smoke emission as the wood burns to ash and is collected on the built-in tray. These pits are also easier to clean and won’t smell after use.

Whether you’re grilling a few burgers for an outdoor dinner or simply looking for a little warmth on a chilly autumn night, a smokeless fire pit can ensure a great night in a virtually smoke-free space.

learn how does a smokeless firepit work

How Does a Smokeless Firepit Work?

The dual-wall ring and cleverly designed combustion system are the combination that allows a smokeless fire pit to deliver that smokeless marvel.

There are holes on both the base of the machine’s outer wall and above its inner walls.

When lighted, air passes through the exterior wall’s holes, where it is heated before it comes in contact with the interior walls.

As the air gets hotter, it rises and expands between the outer and inner walls and eventually pushes into the interior wall’s rings.

Working in tandem with the inflow of preheated air, this creates a movement that fans the machine’s flames.

The process results in secondary combustion that emits heat so searing, it burns nearly all smoke particles before they can make their way out of the fire pit.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Generate Heat?

Yes, they do—a lot of it, in fact.

The machine’s doubled-walled structure and combustion system are responsible for giving off the scorching temperatures these pits are known for.

In particular, wood pellets and dry firewood produce the hottest heat discharge at almost 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They also burn faster than most other fuel sources.

Is It Possible to Cook on a Smokeless Fire Pit?

Now that you have an idea how does a smokeless firepit work, perhaps you’re wondering if you can cook on it too.

Smokeless fire pits are great heat generators, so much so that they can produce up to 30 percent more flames than the standard fire pit.

So, yes, they are great for cooking and grilling.

Compact and lightweight models come in handy for camping trips and backyard bonfires because of their easy portability.

If you are an outdoor enthusiast who loves cooking over an open fire, a fire pit that comes with a grill or sear plate would be perfect for you.

Do Smokeless Fire Pits Give Off a Smell?

Smokeless fire pits are designed with an enhanced airflow system that fans the fire and gets rid of most of the smoke particles.

Thus, smoke doesn’t get into your clothes or your eyes—the secondary combustion takes care of it before it can even exit the machine.

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons or PAH are the chemical compounds responsible for that burning-wood smell.

These compounds are higher in wood fuel with more moisture and lower in low-moisture products, like the smokeless fire pit.

Therefore, the smokeless fire pit is also a great option for those who can’t stand the smell of smoke or negatively affected by its smell.

Are Smokeless Fire Pits Mosquito Repellants?

So, here’s some not-so-good news about our new favorite smokeless fire pit: it does not repel mosquitoes.

You will have to find some other way to keep these pesky little insects away from your outdoor space.

One way to enjoy your smokeless fire pit without getting bitten is to burn citronella candles or plant lavender or other natural repellants around the area.

Get rid of any stagnant water to reduce potential areas for breeding and to make your space less attractive to mosquitoes.

What Type of Fuel Should You Burn in a Smokeless Fire Pit?

What can you use to fuel your smokeless fire pits?


Smokeless fire pit models are usually wood-based.

When choosing wood to burn on these machines, a good pick is seasoned hardwood or kiln-dried. This produces a great burn with a clean fire and less moisture.

Wood Pellets

In some models, you can also use wood pellets, which tend to be made from recycled hardwood.

It’s worth noting that pellets should be stored and dried correctly before they are used; otherwise, they won’t be as effective.

Smokeless Fuels

What are these so-called smokeless fuels? Some smokeless fire pit models run on bioethanol or propane, which give off nearly zero smoke.

That said, the fire produced by these isn’t what one would call proper. To produce a proper fire, a pack of smokeless coal should do the trick.

Can You Use Smokeless Coal in a Smokeless Fire Pit?

As we touched on previously, yes, you can.

Even so, smokeless coal is not usable on all types of fire pits; only those with a grid at the base for airflow and a thick metal base can use smokeless coal.

This fuel source is more popular in parts of Europe, especially The United Kingdom, where it is more affordable to purchase.

The majority of smokeless coal is composed of anthracite dust, formed into pellets and repurposed as fuel.

It burns at an incredibly high temperature (the reason it can’t be used in most burners) while releasing only minimal smoke.

Is a Smokeless Fire Pit the Safer Option?

Yes, a smokeless fire pit is the safer option.

Unlike a standard fire pit, the flames are contained right in the center, so they are unlikely to go out of control.

The machine’s smoke-free design also restricts flame movement within the chamber to boost safety and security.

In some models, you can even control the characteristics of the flames using a remote or the buttons and dials on the device.

Smokeless fire pits are also more environment-friendly because they produce barely any smoke and, hence, less pollution.

Can a Smokeless Fire Pit Be Used Indoors?

The short answer is no, it can’t. Heating products meant for the outdoors should never be used indoors.

Aside from the fact that these machines still give off some amount of smoke, they also produce dangerous gasses you might not be able to smell or see.

So, Should You Get a Smokeless Firepit?

If you plan to buy a fire pit or replace your standard pit, consider opting for a smokeless model. It burns hotter and, thus, feels warmer and cozier to lie or sit around in.

Its ingenious design also lends to a great outdoor cooking experience in a virtually smoke-free environment.

The smokeless fire pit’s growing popularity is resulting in more diversified commercial options from both big-name companies and exclusive sellers.

When you choose a quality model, an outdoor experience with minimal smoke and odor is never in any doubt.

Others have experienced this, and now it’s time for you to experience it for yourself.

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