Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit Review

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  • The surface of the fire pit provides enough room for a large flame
  • Made from antique bronze for durability
  • Coated with durable and heat-resistant paint to enhance the appearance
  • Has three steel legs that support the upper frame and make the pit stable
  • Easy to use and clean, with no installation required at set up


  • The decorative nuts and screws are too short to fasten together
  • The legs are made of very thin metal and may arrive warped or dented

The Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit is an excellent addition to your patio or backyard. It creates a perfect setting for you and your family to catch up in the evening or relax by yourself. It comes complete with a wood grate and screen lift tool for ease of use.

In this Fire Sense Roman fire pit review, we’ll help you understand more about the pit.

Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit Review

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This fire pit is small, portable, and convenient for outdoor spaces. It’s available at a low cost and built to last; hence will give you great returns for your investment. The antique bronze that makes the pit is painted with heat-resistant paint to make it more durable.

The pit’s beautiful design complements your outdoor gathering spots. Place a few chairs and tables around the fire pit and you’ll have a place to enjoy the evening. The best part is that the fire pit is easy to install.

Who is Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit Meant For?

The design of the fire pit makes it an attractive option for a variety of people. You can use it to beautify your outdoor spaces while enjoying some quiet time within your home. Since it’s a small fire pit, it makes for an excellent product to carry with you.

You can use it for camping, tailgating, and beach parties. Its installation process is not demanding and doesn’t take more than a few minutes.

Unboxing the Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

The Fire Sense Roman fire pit is 35” wide and is made from antique bronze steel. It has a hammered lip that provides some room for lifting the pit. The legs are also made of steel and painted for durability and to make it more appealing.

It features a one-piece mesh spark screen that prevents the sparks from flying around. It’s painted with high-temperature paint that doesn’t melt under the blazing flames.

When adding more fuel to the fire, use the screen lift tool. It’s included in the package to help you lift or remove the fire screen while keeping your hands safe. Included in the package is also a wood grate that provides for your safety.

Overview of Features

Fire Sense is a unique fire pit with several attractive features. For durability, the bowl is made from antique bronze and coated with durable paint. The lip is hammered and the steel legs are brush painted for a touch of style.

Wood Grate

Fire accidents are likely to happen with some fire pits that come with a mesh when adding fuel. This is not the case with the Fire Sense fire bowl. The package comes with a wood grate for lifting the mesh when adding logs to the fire.


The design of this fire pit entails three steel legs. Their positioning and shape help the pit remain stable while in use. You can trust it not to topple over even when there’s a strong wind.

Ease of Use

The circular design of the fire pit leaves an open surface on which to place your logs. You won’t struggle to arrange them or add fuel to the fire. The dimensions are also appropriate for use in a variety of settings.

The installation required when setting up the Fire Sense fire pit is easy. You’ll also like how easy it is to clean the product after use.

How to Use the Fire Sense Roman Fire Pit

To set up the fire pit, attach the three legs to the bowl in their respective positions. The package comes with nuts and bolts for fixing. Place them correctly to ensure that they fit within the ring of the bowl.

Screw the bolts firmly to make the legs stable. Place some kindling on the pit’s surface, light a fire, add some logs, and sit down to enjoy the view.


Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl

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Another fire pit that comes in a closely similar design is the Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl. It’s not only large but also very stable and can withstand high-wind conditions. However, unlike Fire Sense, which is made from bronze, Esschert is made from cast iron.

This makes it quite heavy but also very durable. The base is especially very stable which allows you to place the pit anywhere. The thickness of the cast iron is approximately ¼” to 3/8″ thick, and it doesn’t wear out quickly.

For ease of cleaning, the Esschert fire pit has a drain hole in the middle. It measures approximately ¾” and lets water out when cleaning. You don’t have to struggle to turn the pit over to pour water.

The fire pit is 30.9” by 30.9” by 11”. It’s a little smaller than Fire Sense, but this doesn’t make it less functional. With a grate in hand, you can use the fire pit to roast your marshmallows as you enjoy relaxing music.

On its downside, the Esschert fire pit is quite expensive. It also doesn’t come with a mesh or grate.


Looking for the best fire pit can be a hard task, considering the many types available. One of them is the Fire Sense Roman pit built for various spaces. Its design and structure make it a great addition to your outdoor spaces.

The pit is made of unique bronze and coated with steel for enhanced durability. It also has a layer of durable and heat-resistant paint that gives it an attractive look. Its legs are designed to make it stable wherever it is placed.

From this Fire Sense Roman fire pit review, it’s right to say that that’ll give you all you’re looking for at a very affordable price. Its portability allows it to be used both at home and away. However, just like with all other fire pits, avoid using it when the winds are strong.

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