Best Smokeless Fire Pits of 2020: Our Top Picks

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Relaxing around a fire pit with your family in the evening is not only relaxing but also priceless. The only thing that can flaw this experience is continually dodging smoke from the fire pit.

Fortunately, the innovation of the best smokeless fire pits gives a solution to this problem.

Thanks to the lightweight materials used in making smokeless fire pits, you can have the bonfire adventure in your backyard. The design of smokeless fire pits makes them give off more heat while saving on the fuel in use. If you’re not getting fuel efficiency from your smokeless fire pit, then you probably have the wrong one.

Here’s a look at some of the best smokeless and efficient fire pits available on the market. They come at an attractive price and are quite durable for everyday use.

Comparison Chart

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Endless Summer 30″ Outdoor Propane Gas Rock Top Fire Pit
Best Choice
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Harbor Gardens LF246 30″ Savannah Fire Pit
Best Price
Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit
Best Construction

Best Smokeless Fire Pits Reviews

Apart from efficiency and smokeless production, there are several other factors to consider when buying a fire pit. It can be the centerpiece of your backyard, and you, therefore, want an aesthetically finished product.

You also should check the style and whether it matches your outdoor space. There’s a good chance that you’ll find a good match from these picks below.

Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit


The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is a large fire bowl measuring 19.5 inches. It’s made from stainless steel and is ideal for outdoor use.


The Solo Stove is a wood-burning stove and requires no gas or propane to burn. Its design and construction give you fuel efficiency while ensuring complete combustion of the wood. That way, you end up with a smokeless flame for an unmatched backyard experience.


The Solo Stove fire pit features a double-wall design that enhances the combustion process. It helps maximize airflow in and out of the fire to supply enough oxygen. At the bottom of the pit are vent holes that feed the flame with air.

They channel warm oxygen up between the stove’s walls and back into the fire. The process provides for a complete burn, with very minimal smoke produced. Allowing for complete combustion also means that there’ll be no more half-burnt logs to deal with.


This stove is a single-construction product. As such, it requires no assembly of parts, and no set up is involved. As you sit down to enjoy the fire, you’ll spend less time dodging smoke and more time creating good memories with your family.

Lighting the fire doesn’t take much of your time. Start with a few dry twigs and branches and gradually add the wood logs as the fire becomes more stable. This pit’s versatility allows you to use it in a variety of settings, both at home and away.

Cleaning the pit after use is straightforward. Remove the ash and wash the interior of the pit thoroughly. Ensure it dries off completely before storing it away to prevent rusting.


  • The pit produces a smokeless flame
  • Its double-wall construction allows for complete combustion and reduces the cases of half-burnt logs
  • Single construction design that requires no setup or assembly
  • Built to last using durable stainless steel material
  • Delivers high fuel efficiency, preventing you from using a lot of fuel at a time


  • The slightest exposure to moisture will leave the bottom rusty
  • Too pricy for a pit without a drainage hole and a protective cover

Endless Summer 30” Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

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Another top pick among the best fire pits is the Endless Summer model. Its square black steel fire bowl serves as a tabletop where you can place your drinks.


This product is available in only one finish. Its burner is 75% more potent than other fire pits on the market. Its price is attractive, making it an excellent choice for people who may not be able to afford higher-end fire pits.

The Endless Summer fire pit features an elegant modern design with a furniture sculptural feel. The overall outlook is a reflection of pleasant simplicity. It’s made of durable steel and covered with slate tiles that reflect beautifully at night.


The pit is powered by LP gas, and the burner has an output of 30,000 BTUs. Unfortunately, it can’t burn wood, but this also means you never have to clean up ashes.

On the side is an access panel with an easy-to-use ignition button. For a cool glow, the pit has black fire glass, which you can opt-out of and choose another color.

For the storage and connectivity of the propane tank, the pit is designed with a mountain bracket base. A 20-lb propane tank can easily slide in and out, so you don’t have it sitting nearby. Before lighting the fire, leave the propane to run for a few seconds so it won’t prove hard to light.

Overall, this is a high-quality fire pit and is also quite attractive. Its heat output is highly commendable and a great choice if you don’t want to use a wood-burning pit.


  • Not a wood-burning fire pit and hence no smoke produced
  • The 30,000 BTU heat output is strong enough to keep everyone around the pit warm
  • Easy to use by connecting the propane tank and lighting the fire through the ignition panel
  • Attractive and a great addition to any outdoor space
  • Comes with a fire glass that keeps the flame in control and makes for a great view


  • The propane gas tank isn’t included in the package and hence an additional cost of acquiring it
  • Its heat output is a little lower compared to the other closely similar fire pits on the market

Peak Square Column Propane Gas Fire Pit


This decorative fire pit is a well-thought addition to your patio décor. The design and construction resemble brick-and-block and will match your patio furniture.


The Peak Square fire pit is made out of molded cement and resembles slate. The finishing is exquisite and makes for a breathtaking expansion in any home. It weighs about 55 pounds, a little heavier than other pits in its class.

In matters of size, the manufacturer took into account the probability of being used by many people. As such, it’s a big enough pit to keep several people warm at the same time. The dimensions are 19.49” by 19.49” by 29.13”.


The burner of this pit meets all the standards of CSA certification. It burns efficiently and produces no smoke. This means that you can also trust it for your safety and those around you.

Its heat output stands at 40,000 BTUs. The concrete is a poor heat conductor, and you need not worry about fire accidents as long as you’re careful.


Putting the fire pit together will take less than 10 minutes. The package comes with a step-by-step assembly manual for connecting the propane gas.

In the package are 3kg of lava rocks that should be neatly arranged in the fire pit for enhanced visual effects. Their reaction to the fire creates an attractive flame you’ll enjoy watching all night long.


  • The fire pit has a unique and elegant design, and the finishing is attractive
  • Setting it up takes less than 10  minutes and is not too cumbersome
  • The package comes with lava rocks that create a beautiful backdrop against the flame
  • Ideal for users who don’t want to put up with smoke from their fire pits
  • It conveniently fits onto your patio or any other outdoor space


  • The lava rocks included are not enough to cover the entire gas ring
  • The ignition system is likely to fail with improper use

Harbor Gardens LF246 30” Savannah Fire Bowl

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Are you looking for a heat-resistant fire pit that won’t expose you to danger while using it? Then the Harbor Gardens LF246 30″ Savannah Fire Bowl is your best bet.


The Harbor Gardens fire pit helps extend the life of your outdoor living space with style. It’s the perfect representation of comfort and quality and promises to deliver the best service all year long.

The pit is made of durable powder-coated steel and has a safety mesh lid. The mesh can withstand high temperatures and helps keep the flame under control. It also protects you from flying embers and sparks while giving you a full view of the fire.

For proper stability, the pit has three legs. These are attached using a circular metal touching on each of the legs. It also conveniently helps when you need to carry the pit as it serves as the handle.


It measures approximately 20″ by 30” in diameter. As such, it’s a big enough fire pit to host all your family members. The fire pit burns wood or charcoal and gives a smokeless flame.

The mesh provides for proper airflow in and out of the pit. Use the provided poker to stroke the wood or charcoal to ensure air flows right to the bottom of the pit.


  • Heat-resistant hence keeps you safe from burns in case you come into contact with the surface
  • Has a wire mesh cover that keeps the flame under control
  • The package includes a poker to use in the fire
  • Pit can be used to roast marshmallows
  • Doesn’t consume a lot of wood or charcoal


  • Smaller in size than most other fire pits in the same price range
  • The powder coating isn’t durable and exposes the steel to rust

Bond Manufacturing 67836 Propane Gas Fire Pit


The Bond Manufacturing Propane Gas fire pit is not your usual fire pit. With a 50,000 BTU heat output, you can trust it to perform a lot better than some other fire pits.


One of the factors you must check with propane fire pits is their safety levels. With the Bond Manufacturing 67836 Propane fire pit, safety is assured. It’s your best choice for camping, tailgating, or backyard use.

The pit measures 18.5” by 14.7”, a size capable of giving a vast amount of heat. The pit uses a 20-pound tank, which, unfortunately, doesn’t come included in the package. Its heat output is high enough to keep everyone warm while cooking your food.


The Bond Manufacturing fire pit is made of a steel frame that’s had to break or compromise its quality. The material allows the pit to hold up well and withstand different weather conditions. The finishing entails a rubbed bronze finish that extends its lifespan.

The pit comes with several accessories that enhance its functionality. These include a gas hose tank holder, a regulator, lava stones, and a mesh lid. The tank holder is especially useful in keeping the tank well support to prevent it from tipping over.


  • The lava rocks are plentiful and make your flame look beautiful
  • The quality of this pit is decent and matches various lifestyles
  • The fire is gentle yet strong enough to keep everyone warm
  • Easy to use, turn off and there’s no ash or leftover wood to deal with when cleaning
  • The peak can be used for roasting if need be


  • The igniter may be defective and using a lighter can pose a fire hazard
  • The flame is too small for camping purposes


Deciding which fire pit to buy given the many types on the market is simple when you understand your options. When it comes to smokeless fire pits, choosing the best can be harder than you initially thought. This is because you have to keep other factors in mind.

You shouldn’t sacrifice safety, comfort, size, and appearance just because a pit is smokeless. This is why this review encompasses the best smokeless fire pits that’ll give you everything you need. We’ve researched the top options on the market to ensure an easy shopping experience for you.

While they’re not all made equal, you can trust them to deliver according to your expectations. They all have their downsides, but their upsides far outweigh them. Their prices are also quite friendly.

The Endless Summer Fire Pit takes the lead for having the best qualities. Although it’s a bit pricey and not portable, it sure does a great job at home. Whichever your choice, a fire pit will ensure that your evenings will never be dull again.

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