Best Fire Pits Under $100: Updated for 2021

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Have you ever bought a fire pit at a high price only to be disappointed with it? If you’re looking to invest in another one without spending too much, several models come cheap. You can easily find the best fire pits under $100 locally and on several online marketplaces.

You might wonder what a cheap fire pit has to offer, but it can provide what you need. You have a wide range of styles, dimensions, material, and fuel types to choose from.

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Best Fire Pits Under $100 Reviews

Your search for the best product on a tight budget can be long and frustrating. For an easier search, we have compiled a list of the top three fire pits under $100.

AmazonBasics 23.5” Steel Fire Pit


AmazonBasic products come not only at an affordable price but also with excellent quality. The 23.5” fire pit is one of the products you’ll get from the brand. It has large enough dimensions to give you enough space to light a warm fire.


The AmazonBasics Steel Fire Pit comes with a simple yet attractive design. The pit area that holds the fuel is made from steel lattice. This design provides you 360-degree viewing of the flames.

Underneath the round pit, there are three legs that support the fire pit. It also features a mesh cover that helps in keeping the embers and sparks under control.

For ease of portability, the fire pit is equipped with a handle on either side. However, to prevent burning your hands, avoid moving the bowl while hot as the handles are made of steel.

There’s also a poker that comes with the product. It helps you spread out the firewood as it burns to allow the proper circulation of air.

This is a fire pit that you want to use in your backyard and the patio. You can carry it when you go camping or hold outdoor parties.


  • The design of the fire pit is simple yet aesthetically appealing
  • Made with safety standards in mind
  • Equipped with two handles for ease of portability and handling
  • Has a mesh cover to prevent embers and sparks from flying around
  • Long-lasting and easy to clean and maintain


  • The paint may peel off quickly especially after exposure to weather elements
  • Poor artistry where the legs are joined to the pit

Fire Sense Barzelonia Round Fire Pit


This decorative fire pit will quickly transform any outdoor space from dull to lively. It’s a small and compact yet functional product that’ll make your evenings more enjoyable.


The Fire Sense Barzelonia Fire Pit is a circular and robust fore bowl made from steel. At first glance, you might mistake the finishing for copper. The creativity and artwork involved gives the product an attractive, unique, and stylish outlook.

It’s a voluminous bowl that holds more wood than most other fire pits its size and shape. Make it your fire pit of choice, and you’ll experience a longer-lasting fireside experience.

The fire pit comes with a one-piece mesh spark screen for your safety. It prevents embers from flying out of the fire pit. The paint can withstand high temperatures and weather elements.

Other tools included are a screen lift tool and a cooking grate. The fire pit hence doubles up as a grill for roasting your marshmallows.

Remember not to use the fire pit on a wooden or combustible surface to prevent a fire hazard. It’s best placed on surfaces like concrete, stone, or brick pavers.



  • Doubles up as a grill
  • Has an aesthetically appealing finish that resembles copper
  • Comes with a mesh cover, cooking grate, and poker
  • Large enough for a party of four people
  • The pit is deep and withholds a lot of firewood for a big fire


  • Lacks legs for support and hence its hot base comes into contact with the surface
  • The steel is not too strong and may arrive with dents

Pleasant Hearth Palmetto Fire Pit


The Pleasant Hearth Fire Pit is 30” in diameter and an ideal choice for the patio and backyard. It sits pretty on a circular base supported by a metallic frame.


If you want to have a unique addition to your patio or backyard, go for the Pleasant Hearth fire pit. It’s fitted with a cooking grid for an incredible barbeque experience. Its wooden grate helps in keeping the firewood in a raised position for proper oxygen circulation.

This assures you that your fire won’t die out in the middle of your party. It also has ample space that provides for complete combustion for a smokeless flame. The pit has a mesh cover and ash catcher to prevent hot ash and embers from escaping.

The material that makes the fire pit is lightweight to enhance portability. Weighing only 21 pounds, the pit is easy to carry to the park, beach, or camp. The sturdy construction gives you long-lasting service.

For ease of cleaning and maintenance, the pit has a drainage hole. This lets excess water find its way out when cleaning the bowl, preventing the pit from rusting. The outer bronze coat also serves to enhance the durability of the pit.


  • Made from steel and coated with bronze for enhanced durability
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Comes with a cooking grid for barbequing
  • Has an ash catcher and mesh cover to prevent fire hazards
  • Sturdy support frame that prevents toppling over especially when in use


  • The finishing is not well done and may rust over time
  • A bit smaller than expected

Final Verdict

Buying a fire pit on a tight budget doesn’t have to be a grueling task. You also don’t have to compromise on quality while there are excellent products to match your budget. The best fire pits under $100 come in style, are durable, and will serve the purpose reliably.

Each of the models highlighted above has something unique to offer. Whether you’re looking for style, portability, or convenience, you won’t go wrong with either of them. Grab the one that best appeals to you and make your evenings bright and enjoyable.