Best Fire Pits For Wood Decks 2024: Our Top Picks

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Having your fire pit on a wooden deck creates a spectacular scene. The best fire pits for wood decks are equipped with heat-resistant base pads. They also come with spark guards that prevent embers from flying from the pit onto the floor.

Unless a fire pit is built specifically for use on a wood deck, it’s not advisable to use it there. Improvised solutions may provide a temporary solution, but you’ll be risking a fire hazard in the long run. A fire pit for a wood deck is more reliable than others.

Comparison Chart

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Amazon Basics 34-Inch Natural Stone Fire Pit with Copper Accents
Outsunny 30″ Outdoor Fire Pit Copper-Colored Round Metal Wood Bowl with Black Ornate Base, Poker, & Mesh Screen for Ember Protection
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Christopher Knight Home 296656 Laguna MGO Fire Column – 40,000 BTU, 19.5″, Natural Stone
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Kohree Propane Fire Pit for Camping, 58,000 BTU Portable Gas Fire Pit with Cover, Carry Kit & Propane Gas Line for Outdoor Fire Bowl 19″ Dia., Auto-Ignition for RV Backyard Deck Patio
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Fire Sense Langhorne Square Aluminum LPG Fire Pit Table | Antique Bronze Brushed Finish | 50,000 BTU Output | Uses 20 Pound Propane Tank | Fire Bowl Lid, Vinyl Weather Cover, and Clear Fire Glass

Best Fire Pits for Wood Decks Reviews

With this in mind, you need to be very specific when looking for a fire pit. One thing to be prepared for is that such a product will be more costly. You should be prepared to meet the cost and put in the effort to maintain it.

However, this is not to scare you out of buying a fire pit for a wooden deck. If you’re in search of a fire pit for your wooden deck, this review will guide you in the right direction. Take a look at some of the top-rated fire pits that come with the features you need.

AmazonBasics 34″ Natural Stone Fire Pit

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AmazonBasics fire pit is a beautifully made product that complements any outdoor space perfectly. The natural stone finish provides an eye-catching attraction ideal for any outdoor space.


The 34″ wide fire bowl is made of durable black steel and provides enough room for glowing beautiful flames. The pit area is enhanced with a handcrafted look of natural stone. Its diamond-shaped copper accents complete this look and enhance the aesthetic value of the fire pit.


The fire pit features a dome-shape fire screen that sits nicely over the fire bowl. It serves to keep you safe by preventing embers and fire sparks from flying around. It doesn’t tamper with your view of the flames as it provides a 360-degree view.

The wide handle of the screen allows you to place or remove it easily without risking burning yourself. Ensure you use the fire tool as needed while keeping hands a safe distance from the fire.

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The design of the AmazonBasics fire pit allows for ease of transfer from one point to another. When not using it on a wooden deck, you can conveniently use it in the garden. The legs are made of curved metal and are equipped for stability and sturdy placement on uneven surfaces.

The design also incorporates four gently flared legs that effortlessly complement the overall appeal. What you get is graceful elegance and rustic charm from the overall outlook of this fire pit.


  • The fire pit is designed for portability hence can be used in different places
  • The legs are made from sturdy and curved metal for enhanced stability
  • Comes with a fire mesh that contains fire sparks within the pit
  • Appealing design and finish that makes the fire pit fit in any setting
  • Large enough to keep several people warm at the same time


  • The legs are not firmly fixed and may arrive broken
  • An expensive product

Outsunny Steel Fire Pit

The Outsunny fire pit is a 35″ steel fire bowl that’s both functional and aesthetic. Its dimensions are 35″ by 35″ by 19″. This is a fire pit large enough to keep you and your loved ones warm even on the coldest nights.


The Outsunny pit is ideal for use in a variety of settings. Its design combines a sturdy and robust steel construction with attractive cutouts on the pit’s surface. This provides for unrestricted airflow into the fire to keep the flames blazing.

The pit comes with a heavy-gauge log grate. This is where you place your logs for proper airflow and complete combustion. Featured in the fire pit is a safety mesh screen lid that prevents embers and sparks from flying around.

Also in the package is a wooden-handle poker. This helps you to spread out the burnt logs in the fire pit and also rearrange them safely.

The pit’s design caters for portability. The steel panels that hold the fire bowl in position can also serve as handles. For stability, the panels are held together by a ring that also supports the fire pit’s legs.

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  • The design is simple and easy to maintain
  • Comes with a mesh lid to contain fire sparks
  • Has a poker attached for your safety
  • Has a lip that can be used as a tabletop
  • The pit is portable and can be used in more areas than just a wooden deck


  • The instructions are poorly written and not easy to follow

Christopher Knight Home Laguna MGO Fire Column

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This fire pit measures 19.5″ by 19.5″ by 29″. It’s made from a combination of magnesium oxide and metal for a more durable finish. You’ll like it for its powerful performance and its low maintenance.


The Christopher Knight Home fire pit is a propane-burning product with a heat output of 40,000 BTUs. It comes with a propane gas tank and igniter battery that helps you to adjust the flames.

Its durability is vested in the fact that the finishing is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions. The tenacious steel used in the manufacturing is well treated and cured to prevent it from rusting.


The top of the firepit is made of stone composite, while the interior is made from fireproof magnesium oxide. The blending of all these materials delivers a long-lasting and promising bargain for your financial investment.

Its design incorporates an 8-inch wide ledge where you can place your drinks as you relax. As a bonus, you’ll get some lava rocks to place inside the pit for enhanced visual effects. It also comes with a fire pit cover, which you can use while the fire is burning.

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Note that this fire pit weighs 155 pounds. This is because of the magnesium oxide and steel components that tend to add some weight. However, since it’s designed for a wooden deck, it won’t cause a dent on your beautiful floor.


Apart from keeping you warm, this fire pit can also come in handy for other functions. You’ll enjoy roasting your marshmallows as you entertain friends and family.


  • Can be used for more than just warming up
  • Has a ledge that also serves as a table
  • Made from a blend of materials that make it a lot more durable
  • Doesn’t use up too much fuel
  • Beautifully made and is aesthetically appealing


  • Heavy and not easy to move from one point to another
  • The heat output is not enough to keep you warm, and you may need to grab a blanket

Kohree Portable Propane Gas Fire Pit

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The Kohree fire pit is made from stainless steel and has a simple yet unique design. You’ll like it for its ease of use and maintenance. You simply need to hook it to a propane tank and fire it up. It’s also lightweight for easy movement.


If you need a fire pit that’ll fit perfectly in your patio while bringing simplicity, go for Kohree. It’s a combination of beauty and simplicity, yet is also functional and reliable. The fire pit is crafted with a lot of expertise using high premium quality materials.

The material used is superior stainless steel, both for the fire bowl and the burner that sits inside the bowl. The heat output of the fire pit is 58,000 BTUs, which is quite impressive on those cold and chilly nights.


The stainless steel fire pit measures 19″ in diameter and is quite light in weight. This allows you to move it from one place to another when you’re not using it on the patio. Hence, it serves as a fabulous centerpiece for RV trips, campfires, beach parties, and cozy evenings in your backyard.

The package comes complete with all the tools you need to keep the fire burning. This includes a fire bowl cover that keeps the fire under control. There’s also a pre-attached 10-foot hose that connects the propane tank to the fire pit.

You also get a fully adjustable regulator for the burner. As a CSA-certified product, it’s one of the best pits for wooden decks you can get. The natural lava rocks enhance the flickering effect as the fire is burning.

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One advantage of propane-burning fire pits is that the gas burns clean without emitting smoke, unlike wood fire pits. They’re also easy to use and don’t require any special fire-building skills. You simply need to hook the fire pit to the propane tank and fire it up.

Each of the gas propane tanks is factory tested. They’re spark-free and have been passed for safety even in campfires.


  • The fire pit is small and portable
  • Burns propane gas and produces a smokeless flame
  • The propane gas tank is tested and certified for safety
  • The base of the fire pit is made of steel for proper stability while in use
  • The package comes complete with all the tools you need to light the fire and keep it burning


  • Too small for family or larger crowd
  • The design of the pit makes its assembling and disassembling a little hectic

Fire Sense Langhorne Square Aluminum Fire Pit

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Fire Sense is a leading brand in the making of outdoor heating products. The products are designed for durability and ease of use. The Fire Sense Langhorne fire pit has not been left out and is all about ensuring you’re comfortable and warm.


The Fire Sense Langhorne fire pit is made of a hammered antique bronze finish that’s perfect for your outdoor space. Its attractive design will effortlessly complement any outdoor furniture or décor.

The firepit has an output of 50,000 BTUs, which is quite reliable, especially on cold nights. The product has been tested for global safety standards and qualifies for maximum safety. Its solid aluminum build doubles up as a table during the warmer season.

Cover the fire pit with the provided lid, and it quickly converts into a table to place your drinks. The fire pit features attractive fire glass that adds a stylish touch to the glow of the flames. Connect the pit to the 20-pound propane tank located behind the hinged door, and it is ready for use.

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This is a stylish and chic fire pit that features an understated rustic finish. Overall, the fire pit is light in weight and hence easy to move around. When not using it on the wooden deck, you can use it in the backyard.

However, avoid leaving it exposed to weather elements, especially at night. You don’t want to expose the finish to factors of wear and tear.


  • The fire pit comes with storage space where you can safely hide the propane tank from view
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Produces a bright and brilliant flame with a warm glow
  • The antique bronze finish makes the fire pit durable and easy to maintain
  • Comes with clear fire pit glass included for enhanced visual effects as the fire burns


  • The coating on the surface of the fire pit comes off easily, exposing the bronze to weather elements
  • A little too heavy and not a good choice for parties away from home

Final Verdict

Before you buy a fire pit for your backyard or patio, check that it meets your needs without compromise. Apart from the materials used in making the fire pit, it should come with a mesh cover. This helps keep the fire sparks under control when the fire is burning.

The fire pits highlighted above are some of the more reliable models you can consider. They have the features you’re looking for in the best fire pits for wood deck. Although not created equal, these fire pits will keep you warm and roast your marshmallows without damaging the floor.

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